Thursday, January 5, 2017

Success, Progress, and Plans!

Happy New Year, everyone! Guess what? We did it! We successfully funded our visual novel </reality> on Kickstarter, reaching 124% of our goal, with 194 awesome backers! Yay! ^_^
And today, we released a beta version of chapters one and two of the game!

Chapter one (the demo) is freely available here:

Chapter 2 has been released to beta-access backers via Steam keys. Here are some screenshots from chapter 2 (click to view larger):

</reality> Development Progress
Here’s what we’ve been up to during the last few weeks:
  • David and I did a bunch of script editing on chapters 1, 2 and 3.
  • I finished more sprites - character sprites are now nearly done!
  • I finished two new background scenes - backgrounds are now nearly done!
  • I finished two new CGs.
  • I made several new expressions for Ben and Lilya.
  • I revised/updated Ben’s sprite.
  • Chase finished a new music track and is currently working on another.
  • David added new sound effects and transitions/visual effects.
January Plans
We're looking forward to making a great deal of progress on </reality> this month. Here’s the plan:
  • The next two weeks will be spent doing a major editing pass through the entire script. We will be finalizing all of the endings, tying up some loose story threads, and making sure everything from our long list of story notes and ideas has been thoroughly addressed.
  • Once the script has reached a really clean state, we’ll be on-boarding a new artist to create the Ending Panels. This will help us stay on schedule!
  • Chase (our composer) will be working on getting us more music tracks - finalizing music for Vitalia and making some new beats for time spent at InterMense.
  • Somewhere around the 18th, we’ll be moving our focus back to art - creating new characters, backgrounds, CGs, and expressions for Chapter 3.
  • We hope to release the beta version of Chapter 3 by the end of the month!
  • We also plan to open late-backing and pre-order options within the next week.
Look forward to more updates as development progresses!

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