Monday, October 15, 2012


Welcome to my blog!

I'm an artist at Fancy Fish Games, a new independent games studio. My husband David Maletz and I have been making games for a long time, so we finally decided to get together with some of our talented friends and make an official studio. Our first game as Fancy Fish will be Havencall, which was recently announced via David's blog, The Legend of GameDev.

Anyways, This blog is where I'll post updates on my artwork and projects (hopefully pretty often), fun stuff I felt like sharing (once in a while), and perhaps a rant or two about things that make me really excited or really angry (hopefully not very often).

So stay tuned! You can also follow me on twitter: nataliedmaletz. And as a parting gift, here's a picture of one of my two cats, Dinah:

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